AIMS What’s Changing: Timekeeping and Scheduling

What to expect regarding Timekeeping and Scheduling when AIMS is implemented.

NOTE: These features will be in place once the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) has been implemented.

With the implementation of AIMS, there will be several new developments related to electronic time entry, also known as Tap-in, Tap-out. Electronic time entry involves entering time worked in one of the following ways:

  • Use an ID style card to tap on an on-site eClock
  • Enter your employee Personal Identification Number (PIN) on an on-site eClock
  • Log in to MyConnection on a computer, facility kiosk or mobile device
  • Call toll-free 1-833-648-0342 

With this new method of time entry there will be changes to the way time keeping and scheduling are managed. Some of the notable changes are as follows:

Flow Sheets

There will no longer be flow sheets once the Tap-In, Tap-Out process is activated, which may not occur immediately when AIMS is implemented. Once electronic time entry is in place, this will eliminate paper copies and reduce the chance for error when recording time worked. 


Employees will enter premiums like Charge Pay or Phone Consultations, etc. directly into MyConnection, when a premium is earned. The premiums will be based on collective bargaining agreements. Approval of the premium will be electronically directed to the Manager. The premium payment can then be tracked through MyConnection providing greater visibility to the employee.

Historical Edits

Historical edits refers to what is currently known as the Time Correction Process. Time missed or time worked in the past can be entered through MyConnection and sent to the Manager electronically for approval. This allows employees to provide edits if pay is inaccurate, while supporting faster approvals from Managers.

Leave Requests

Employees will submit both short-term and long-term requests through MyConnection. This will eliminate paper forms and provide faster turnaround on approvals. Should employees not have enough time available in their accrual banks, they would be unable to submit the request.

Timely Approval or Denial of Leave

Employees entering a request for leave online will receive a timely response as Managers are provided a dashboard to monitor requests. Once a Manager approves a leave, a Manager or designate is able to make a decision if a shift will need to be filled.

Leave Request Cancellations

Employees will be able to cancel prior leave requests online, eliminating the need to submit paper-based documentation. This safeguards from having time deducted from vacation banks if not used.

Filling Shifts Electronically

Available shifts will be sent out to all staff, and then assigned based on provisions within the applicable collective bargaining agreement. This ensures equal opportunity for employees looking to pick up shifts.

Entering Shift Trades

Shift trades can be both entered and updated directly through MyConnection. Employees are able to see available staff, and would be responsible for confirming that the individual has the required skillsets prior to requesting the trade. Employees also will be able to review the shift trades they have requested. When employees see that a trade has been approved, if approval is required, their schedule will be updated.

Please watch for further communications related to what’s changing with AIMS.

We look forward to providing further information on the AIMS implementation in the near future, so log in today to MyConnection to ensure you have access and check your information in Gateway Online.

AIMS What’s Changing: Timekeeping and Scheduling

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