Shift Notifications

AIMS provides flexible options where employees can choose to receive notifications by text, email or phone.

Employees have the convenience of choosing how they receive shift notifications:

  • Shift availability
  • Shift acceptance
  • Shift trades
  • Flexible options where employees can choose a notification by text, email or phone (cellular or landline)
Shift Notifications

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the options for receiving shift notifications, and will I be able to choose how I receive my shift notifications?
A: Employees will have the option to set their personal preferences, including how they choose to receive scheduling notifications by either 1) email 2) text message or 3) by phone.
Q: How do I ensure that I will receive shift notifications by my chosen method?
A: Employees must enter their email address, mobile and/or landline phone numbers into Gateway Online.

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