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AIMS Project Launches New Website

The Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) project is launching a new website to share news on the latest information on the project, including next steps toward achieving a single administrative system for better human resources, finance and supply chain management.

AIMS Project website in desktop, tablet and mobile views |

AIMS Project website in desktop, tablet and mobile views

The following areas will be featured on the website:

‘What’s New?’

  • Includes articles of interest pertaining to the project, with everything from the discovery to design workshops that will be conducted in the ‘Imagine’ phase of the project: 
    • What are the workshops? 
    • Who participates? 
    • How do they build a foundation on which to proceed? 
  • Other topical stories will look at the ‘why’ questions: 
    • Why do we need AIMS? 
    • What are the benefits?

‘From Where I Stand’

  • Features employee profiles with their perspectives on: 
    • Current challenges
    • How the challenge will be resolved by one comprehensive business system

‘You Asked Us’

  • Provides responses to the most frequently asked questions submitted by readers

‘Program Status Updates’

  • Includes the latest information on the AIMS Project


  • An evolving library of information and tools to support the AIMS initiative


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