The AIMS Change Network

October 20, 2022 was the last AIMS Change Network webinar as we shift our focus to critical system implementation tasks. Scheduled sessions for October 27, November 3, and November 17, 2022 are cancelled.

Since 2019, we have hosted approximately 100 live Change Network Sessions with thousands of individuals throughout Saskatchewan’s health system attending these meetings and/or viewing the recordings. Your participation, insightful questions, and efforts in spreading information have made a huge impact, and we thank you for your time and efforts to date.

If you need information or support in the coming weeks, please continue to reach out by submitting cases on MyConnection, and by speaking with your leaders for critical updates.

AIMS will introduce new ways of completing tasks for staff, particularly for those who have roles in Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain Management, so it is crucial that staff are informed and supported during these changes.

The AIMS Change Network is an important strategy to successfully prepare people by increasing awareness, readiness and adoption of the new system.

What is a Change Network?

A Change Network plays the initial role of answering questions about what AIMS is, the training that is available and when training starts, among other topics of interest. However, beyond the initial training, there may be a need for ongoing assistance in the moment. The immediacy of being able to get a quick answer to a question or advice on where to find further information from someone you work with is invaluable on the frontlines of where AIMS will be used on a daily basis. This is when a network of knowledgeable people is invaluable.

The AIMS Change Network is a group of individuals who work in various roles in facilities across the province. They may have been nominated by a senior leader as being someone who is a good communicator, listener and supporter and who others would feel comfortable approaching for help. This group meets regularly for updates on the system, and to develop an understanding of what AIMS will mean for them in advance of when the system is implemented.

Those in the Change Network have a responsibility to:

  • Share information with colleagues, as it becomes available.
  • Attend a 30-45 minute Webex session approximately every two weeks to understand the system and what it means for local teams.
  • Share information with their teams, as there are resources provided and sessions will be targeted to particular topics and functions of AIMS.

Although many in the Change Network have been nominated, it does not exclude others interested in hearing more about AIMS from joining and sharing their knowledge with others. If you would like to be a participant, approach your Manager to see if it can be arranged.