What’s Changing: Managing Inventory

Supplies where and when you need them.

AIMS provides enhanced provincial inventory control to respond to unanticipated demand, as necessary. Upon the implementation of AIMS, Supply Chain staff will be able to view available inventory across the province and transfer supplies to reduce potential shortages in one area by drawing on inventory from another location.

The Supply Chain staff is able to consult an AIMS dashboard for a record of available supplies, as well as the number in each location. A transfer begins by searching for the inventory item, which then produces a list of the location options and inventory levels. The Supply Chain staff can then initiate a transfer of inventory from one location to another. After submitting the transfer, the dashboard will update with the new available on-hand quantities.

Real-time information provides Supply Chain staff with the ability to ensure that the right products are available at the right time and in the right locations.

What’s Changing: Managing Inventory

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