Everyday AIMS

The most commonly posed question is “How will AIMS affect me?”

For most employees, the changes will be to how we view our schedules, apply for leaves or trade shifts and enter our time worked. Filing expense claims will be online, as will managing our personal information including contact information and talent profiles. Job applications will also be online.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at each of these areas to provide more details.

Please watch for upcoming articles on:

  • Managing my personal information
  • Centralized and non-centralized scheduling
  • Filing and tracking expense claims


Training for these changes will be online through step-by-step instructional videos or reference guides in a familiar work standard format. The information will be online several weeks prior to the implementation of AIMS and will remain posted for future reference, so it is available as needed. 

Check back for more information to come.

Everyday AIMS

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