AIMS What’s Changing: Finding a Job

A history of job postings will also be available to both managers and employees.

NOTE: These features will be in place once the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) has been implemented.

An exciting new development upon the implementation of AIMS, will be the ability to see available jobs across the province for many organizations within the health system. Whether you are an internal applicant (currently working within the health system) or an external applicant (applying from outside of the health system), AIMS will provide a more inclusive, consistent experience for recruitment through an online application process.

Positions posted by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and other employers including 3sHealth, eHealth, the Saskatchewan Cancer, SAHO or the affiliated employers who operate acute care, primary care, home care, long term care and personal care homes, will be visible through AIMS.

If you are an internal employee, you will log in to MyConnection, click on Education/Job Postings to be taken to a page where you select Job Postings to scan the active listings. If you are an external candidate, you will go to the Health Careers in Saskatchewan website to view the same postings.

The Job Postings page within MyConnection provides a number of filters, so you can narrow your search for opportunities that meet your pre-defined criteria including Work Location, Job Family, Organization, Posting Date, Job Function, Job Grade and Job Attributes.

Internally, the Human Resource process for hiring an external applicant will be managed locally according to existing practices within the organization. Communications to the candidate will be available through AIMS, including the assignment of onboarding tasks.

External applicants will receive an email indicating that they have been selected for an interview and/or have been offered a position. If they have been offered a position, they will have a MyConnection account established to accept or decline the offer and complete onboarding tasks, if required.

A history of job postings will also be available to both managers and employees.

In preparation for moving to an online job postings system, please go into Gateway now to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date, including any additional languages you may speak. Once AIMS is implemented, we encourage staff to go into the new system to ensure that all of your information has been transitioned over or to make any necessary updates at that time.

We look forward to providing further information on the AIMS implementation in the near future, so log in today to MyConnection to ensure you have access and check your information in Gateway Online.

AIMS What’s Changing: Finding a Job

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