AIMS What’s Changing - Entering Your Time Electronically

There will be several ways to enter your time worked.

NOTE: These features will be in place once the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) has been implemented.

All employees account for time worked. Electronic time entry is a way to enter time without relying on paper processes.

There will be several ways to enter your time at the start and the end of a shift. These include:

  • Tap-in, Tap-out using an ID style tap card at an on-site eClock
  • Key an employee Personal Identification Number (PIN) on an on-site eClock

Entering Your Time Electronically through MyConnection:

  • Log in to MyConnection on either a computer or through a mobile device
  • Call a toll-free number to enter your time using an automated phone system accessed through MyConnection

How does it work?   

  • Employee schedules are uploaded into the system in advance, so when employees enter their time either through the tap-in, tap-out process or by logging in to MyConnection, the time can be automatically compared to the individual's schedule.
  • Before and after the shift, there is also a ten minute ‘rounding’ period.
  • If the shift starts before or ends within this ten minute period, then it is accepted without initiating any further activity.
  • If the employee starts or ends the shift more than ten minutes before or after, then what is known as an ‘exception’ is generated.
  • An exception prompts the employee to respond with the reason for the time difference when compared to the scheduled shift.
  • A series of options are available for the employee to choose from.
  • It’s important to respond to ensure that pay is not affected.
  • A notification will be provided when electronic time entry begins and is linked to pay.
  • Responding to exceptions daily is recommended to ensure that they are resolved prior to that week’s payroll cut-off.

Who enters their time electronically?

  • All staff will account for their time electronically, but the method of capturing the time may differ.
  • Those who work variable shifts and are paid according to the provisions of a provincial collective bargaining agreement will record their time by using tap-in, tap-out, or one of the other methods of noting time worked. Accurate records are necessary to calculate any additional time and premiums owed. Electronic time entry improves pay accuracy.
  • Employees who are salaried and work on a regular schedule, often Monday to Friday, and have a standardized pay schedule will only enter variations from their normal schedule through electronic time entry. They may do this either using a computer at work or a mobile device. They will not be logging time through the tap-in, tap-out process.

Please watch for further communications on this important tool.

AIMS What’s Changing - Entering Your Time Electronically

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