Transformational Services

Transforming health care

Over the last four years, 3sHealth has worked with Saskatchewan’s health sector to deliver provincial services, including linen, transcription, and payroll.

This experience has provided 3sHealth with a unique perspective and set of skills and tools with which to manage complex change within the health system.

As a result of this capability, 3sHealth’s transformational services provincial service line has been providing consulting and project implementation services to its partners in the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) since 2018.

Transformational services uses the tools, techniques, and experience gained in previous projects to reduce implementation risk and increase the speed at which benefits are realized.


The main tool that 3sHealth uses to achieve these outcomes is the playbook, which is a guide to delivering complex change.

The playbook was co-developed with the SHA and combines best practices from the fields of project management, business analysis, change management, and continuous improvement, resulting in a consistent implementation standard for any type of project that improves quality, reduces risk, and brings the patient’s voice into any project.

Support tools and services

Transformational services can support your team through the use of one of the following options:

1. Dedicated project support services

3sHealth provides part- and/or full-time project resources (project managers, change managers, as well as continuous improvement and business analysts) with experience in the health system at very competitive rates. These individuals manage the project deliverables for the life of the project, allowing business leaders to focus on managing their day-to-day work.

2. Access to our tools and services

If your team would like all the advantages of the playbook but does not require a dedicated project manager, the playbook is available free to anyone in the Saskatchewan health system.

With a mixture of training, coaching, and mentoring 3sHealth can help you and your team deliver complex change in a way that reduces implementation risk and increase the speed at which benefits are realized.

If your team is interested in more information about how 3sHealth can support the delivery of complex change with a part- or full-time project manager, or by using the playbook, please contact us at

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