Provincial Dictation and Transcription Services


Province-wide timely and accurate patient information flow

Every time a patient visits a clinician, a report is produced.

The flow of patient information with the patient along their health-care journey is critical to excellent care. Without information flowing to the right providers at the right time, patient care can be delayed or repeated unnecessarily.

To ensure timeliness and accuracy of patient records, reports in the Saskatchewan health-care system are transcribed in one of two ways: by clinicians using self-edit dictation software and by a team of medical transcriptionists.

Self-edit dictation

Many clinicians in the province are interested in using self-edit dictation software offered by the provincial dictation and transcription service to dictate and edit patient care reports in one real-time step. Self-edit dictation means the reports are now available to other care providers in much less time.

The self-edit program being rolled out to clinicians in Saskatchewan instantly transcribes what a clinician says directly into their patients’ electronic medical record. As a clinician dictates, the program learns their voice, accent, and speech patterns to transcribe with even greater accuracy. Every clinician has their own profile that can move with them to different health-care sites.

The program allows clinicians to dictate their notes while with the patient or directly after a patient visit, making information more readily available.

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Transcription services

A team of professional medical transcriptionists across the province work every day to ensure accurate patient care report information is flowing between providers in a timely fashion so that patients continue to receive high-quality care.

This team strives to transcribe and distribute clinician-dictated reports within 24 hours. Faster, more accurate reports help clinicians make better care decisions for their patients.