Staff Scheduling

3sHealth coordinates an electronic staff scheduling system that is in use across the Saskatchewan health-care system.

The system helps schedule the right person for the right shift to ensure that optimal healthcare is provided to patients and families. The scheduling system works to reduce errors, minimize overtime, and ensure fairness in the scheduling process. This work helps employers ensure that their daily scheduling practices comply with the many complex collective agreements that apply to their work setting.

Other benefits include improved sharing of information with employees about schedules and attendance, managers and support staff spending less time on scheduling and clerical tasks, and reduced grievances, overtime, and sick leave.

The system uses a program called Workforce ESP (Environment for Scheduling Personnel) by Kronos that has been customized to meet the specific requirements of Saskatchewan’s health-care system. It integrates complex union rules with data on each employee, such as accumulated hours and seniority, to determine which staff to schedule in place of absent workers. It also features:
•    Access to provincial help desk support from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., five days a week;
•    Real-time integration of scheduling data with 3sHealth’s payroll system and Gateway Online; and
•    Minimal desktop computer requirements.

Projects are underway to enable employees the ability to access their schedules from home and request a shift trade with another employee. 

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