Provincial Linen Service

State-of-the-art infection prevention and control, quality processes to ensure defects do not reach patients and residents, enhanced safety, softer, larger, and more comfortable linens, and a smaller environmental footprint – these are all innovations of the provincial linen service.

Saskatchewan's provincial health-care linen service became a reality on September 14, 2015. A new state-of-the-art processing plant in Regina, owned and operated by K-Bro Linen Systems, now provides linen services to the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, and other health-care facilities across the province. Beginning with the former Sunrise Health Region, the transition began during the fall of 2015 and was completed on February 29, 2016. The new service is the culmination of several years of planning by the province’s health system partners and government. It will ensure a high quality, sustainable service to our province’s patients, residents, families, and health-care employees while achieving significant savings. 3sHealth manages the contract with K-Bro.

The provincial linen service provides a long-term, sustainable solution to our province’s health-care linen requirements. New laundry technology designed to work most efficiently and effectively on a large scale will provide a better product for patients at a lower cost.

Quality and responsive customer service is an ongoing priority of the new service. Quality audits are conducted on a frequent, random basis to ensure the linen service meets established quality standards in a number of areas. Processes to remove defective linen from the inventory are in place. Training and learning tools have been developed and delivered to ensure the delivery of a high quality linen service to patients and residents.Patient safety and comfort is an important focus of the new service. Implementing industry best practices and independent testing will ensure a high level of infection prevention and control. Standard work practices for the safe handling of clean and soiled linen in health-care facilities have been developed and will be applied consistently across the province. High-quality linen products will also enhance the patient experience.

Tunnel Washers

The innovations at the new plant are designed to ensure worker safety, save energy, and lessen environmental impact. Equipment is designed to optimize water use, utilize natural light, and use energy efficiently. “Hands-off” processing systems protect workers from contamination and overhead conveyor systems are located away from worker traffic areas.

Bags of soiled linen await placement in the tunnel washers that can process up to 5,000 lbs of linen an hour, using one third of the water a regular washer would use.

About K-Bro
K-Bro Linen Systems, Inc. is the largest provider of laundry and linen services in Canada meeting the needs of health care, hospitality, and other commercial sectors with operations in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. K-Bro brings over 60 years of experience to health-care linen service and is currently serving approximately 25,000 hospital and long-term care beds across the country.

Training Tools

For linen-related training information, please visit this page.

Lost and Found

If an item has been lost that may have been placed with soiled linen, please print and follow the instructions on this form.