Provincial Contracting

Provincial collaboration
As a shared services organization that works in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA), 3sHealth continues to pursue an integrated approach to procuring goods and services to improve the delivery of a better health system for Saskatchewan patients and families.
Supporting and leading supply chain initiatives
Collaboratively with our stakeholders, 3sHealth leverages economies of scale and best practices and shares expertise to purchase products and/or services under group purchasing contracts. 3sHealth leads contracting efforts through national, provincial, and multi-provincial opportunities to provide the highest quality product and/or service for patients and providers at the best price.
We achieve these goals by ensuring all stakeholders including physicians, clinicians, and patients participate in the contracting process. The benefits of group purchasing lead to:
  • A consistent experience for patients no matter where they receive treatment;
  • Standard processes for using and maintaining products/services;
  • Reduce training requirements for staff moving between facilities;
  • Product selection based on careful evaluations and clinical trials;
  • Improved pricing as a result of standardization and consolidation; and
  • Savings in time and money that can be reinvested into direct patient care.
Please consult SaskTenders ( to bid on health-care procurement opportunities.
For more information, please email Provincial Contracting at

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