3sHealth provides payroll processing services for 41 health organizations comprising more than 52,000 health sector employees in Saskatchewan. Information from the payroll system, known as the Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS), is used to provide data to support informed decision-making and planning in the areas of compensation, finance, human resources, labour relations, and employee benefits.

iHRIS processes payroll transactions and timesheets on a weekly basis and payroll employee direct deposits every other week. Changes and upgrades to the system are made based on new system requirements and changes to collective agreements in collaboration with Regional Health Authorities, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, and other healthcare organizations.

Did you know that…?

  • In 2015, the team:
    • Processed $2.445 billion in payroll for about 50,000 health-care system employees (on a biweekly basis);
    • Performed roughly 250,000 transactions (each week); and
    • Generated 55,713 T4 slips.
  • Our payroll specialists have a combined 183 years of payroll experience. 
  • Our staff successfully resolved 2,723 tickets logged by our provincial clients.

The province is currently seeking a new Enterprise Resource Planning system to replace existing systems and provide a future integrated, real-time system for payroll, benefits, human resources, scheduling, finance, supply chain and ERP business intelligence.