Clinical Services


Patient safety and engaging clinicians is a top priority for 3sHealth.

3sHealth’s clinical services area develops relationships with health-care system partners to create better communication and openness as we carry out our current work and explore new opportunities for shared services.

Clinical services at 3sHealth exists to promote safety, quality, and value to the health system through engagement, support, and problem resolution. Working within the supply chain area, clinical services provides support to several areas of focus including:

Provincial contracting
Clinical services works collaboratively with provincial, national, and western region contracting teams, and regional partners and agencies, to promote quality products as well as patient and staff safety. Clinical services provides leadership and a clinical perspective to product standardization initiatives, product issue resolution, and product safety alerts. We work together with provincial contracting to ensure that clinicians are involved in developing clinical acceptance criteria, trials, and scoring for products under consideration for standardization across the province.

Provincial Smart IV Pump Project

The 3sHealth clinical services team, together with the former health regions, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and eHealth Saskatchewan advanced the implementation of the Saskatchewan Smart IV Pump project. In December 2016, this project replaced all large infusion pumps in Saskatchewan with the Hospira Plum 360 pump, a pump that contains one standardized drug library for the whole province. Clinical services also completed work with training institutes and emergency medical services partners to ensure that the Plum 360 and provincial library are available for student teaching and patient transport. Read more about the Smart Pump implementation.

To submit drug library or parenteral monograph change requests, please visit the Saskatchewan Smart IV Pump website and click on the Change Request Form link on the top navigation bar.

Provincial Clinical Advisory Committee
3sHealth clinical services chairs the Provincial Clinical Advisory Committee which is composed of clinicians from the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The committee promotes and supports product and practice standardization through participation in discussion, clinical evaluation, and scoring of products and services considered for group purchasing initiatives. Select members of the Provincial Clinical Advisory Committee may also serve as representatives of the province on national group purchasing committees or subcommittees through HealthPRO or New West Partnership initiatives.

Nursing Information System Saskatchewan (NISS)
This program facilitates the effective and efficient collection, organization, and communication of relevant patient information by authorized care providers. The documentation system includes a methodology to determine nursing workload. NISS is a client-based program provided to organizations who subscribe to this service and is used by facilities in across Saskatchewan as well as in 34 facilities across Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.