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General Inquiries
Telephone: 306.347.5500   Fax: 306.525.1960

Please note: 3sHealth reception has moved to the 7th floor
700 - 2002 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0R7

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Employee Benefits Toll-free Information
Tel: 1.866.278.2301, Ext. 2 (Great-West Life), Ext. 3 (SHEPP), or Ext. 4 (general inquiries)

Disability Income Plan Toll-free Information
Tel: 1.866.278.2301, Ext. 1

Media Inquiries
Jennifer Arends, Executive Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Tel: 306.347.5500

New Customer Inquiries
3sHealth offers its customers a variety of services, including payroll, benefits and disability, and
provincial contracting. To determine whether your organization is eligible to become a customer,
please complete a new customer request form and return it to 3sHealth for consideration.
Application for Customer Status



Staff Directory

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3sHealth Technical Support   
eHealth Service Desk   1-888-316-7446
Accounts Payable   
Accounts Receivable   
Mark Anderson  CEO
Administration   306-347-5535
Jennifer Arends  Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Communications and Stakeholder Relations (Media Inquiries)   306.529.6211
Kendell Arndt  Vice President, Strategic Information Services
Administration   306-347-5535
Ashley Kirsch  Senior Financial Accountant
Finance   306.347.5593
Sandra Baillie  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-1524
Jennifer Becker  Continuous Improvement Specialist
Continuous Improvement   306-222-0044
Benefits Services   
Employee Benefits   1-866-278-2301 OR 306-347-5519
Laura Carleton-Becker  HRIS Specialist
Provincial Payroll and Scheduling Services
JoAnn Collum  Director
Provincial Payroll and Scheduling Services   306-347-5506
Jim Crawford  Director
Provincial Linen Services   306-347-5561
Karen Deibert  Officer, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-1701
Blain Deringer  Manager, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-5541
Disability Income Plan   
Employee Benefits   1-866-278-2301 OR 306-347-5559
Jackie Edwards  Provincial Linen Service Leader (North)
Provincial Linen Services   306-250-7014
Jennifer Fetch  Provincial Linen Service Leader (South)
Provincial Linen Services   306-347-1722
Jill Forrester  Director
Continuous Improvement   306-347-5588
Tim Frass  Vice President, Corporate Services
Administration   306.347.1541
Gateway Online Support   
eHealth Service Desk   1-888-316-7446
Rhonda Goodtrack  Clinical Advisor, Nursing Information Saskatchewan System (NISS)
NISS (Nursing Information Saskatchewan System)   1-306-347-5585
Shaun Grundle  Director
Transformational Services   306-502-4120
Michelle Harden  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-5552
Jackie Hubick  Vice President
People and Culture
Alison Jenson  Administrative Assistant
Provincial Payroll and Scheduling Services   306-347-1745
Julie Johnson  Director
Provincial Dictation and Transcription Services   306-347-5500
Bob Joice  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-1514
Val Klassen  Director
Supply Chain Management   306-347-1534
Paula Koch  Change Specialist
Transformational Services   306-347-1513
Jenna Kovacs  Officer, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-1700
Anna Kozoriz  Human Resource Consultant
Human Resources   306-347-5545
Dot Lambsdown  Executive Coordinator (Board)
Administration   306-347-5584
Lori-Ann Litzenberger  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting
Luke Malach  Senior Auditor
Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management   306-347-1742
Jaclyn Mazurkiewicz  Clinical Advisor
Provincial Clinical Services
Jennelle McGeough  Administrative Assistant
People and Culture
Shawn Morse  Analyst
Provincial Contracting
Fran Mrazek-Fanning  Executive Coordinator (CEO)
Larisa Murray  Continuous Improvement Specialist
Continuous Improvement   306-347-1521
Matt Ortman  Director
Finance   306-347-5539
Keith Phelps  Vice President
Clinical Support and Customer Services   306-347-5526
Kendra Pituley  Senior Financial Accountant
Finance   306-347-5521
Reception   306-347-5500
Janice Rodgers  Administrative Assistant
Clinical Support and Customer Services   306-347-5526
Jackie Rorquist  Continuous Improvement Specialist
Continuous Improvement   306-347-1748
Lorna Selinger   Manager, Human Resources
Human Resources   306-552-6145
Alana Shearer-Kleefeld  Director
Employee Benefits
Shelda Switzer  Project Manager
Transformational Services   306-380-6655
Cheryl Thompson  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting   306-347-5573
Kelly Thompson  Continuous Improvement Specialist
Continuous Improvement   306-347-1522
Jennifer Vaisman  Specialist, Contracts
Provincial Contracting
Kerry Wasmuth  Project Manager
Transformational Services   306-347-5549
Yvonne Wozniak  Clinical Advisor
Provincial Clinical Services   306-347-5576

Can't find the person you are looking for? Please call 1.306.347.5500 for assistance.