From Where I Stand

‘From Where I Stand’ features the thoughts of employees who currently experience challenges in their day-to-day work using existing processes, and the improvement they anticipate once the Administration Information Management System (AIMS) is launched.

Kara Stoski, Specialist, Organizational Culture

Kara Stoski

Specialist, Organizational Culture

Employees are not easily able to find information on courses and learning opportunities

"“Currently there is no organization-wide Learning Management System (LMS), so employees are not able to conveniently access information on courses and learning events. It also makes it difficult to verify and track necessary skills and certifications”"


Andrea Dutchak, Manager, Balcarres Integrated Care Centre

Andrea Dutchak

Manager, Balcarres Integrated Care Centre

Sourcing supplies can take time

"Balcarres sits on the outside boundary of the former Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. Drive a few minutes east and you are in the former Sunrise Health Region. When we order supplies, they come from Regina, so an order can take a couple of days to arrive."


Melissa Petit, Associate Director of HR, Buffalo Narrows

Melissa Petit

Associate Director of HR, Buffalo Narrows

Having Northern rates automatically calculated would accomodate a more streamlined workflow.

"There are many Northern provisions in the collective bargaining agreements, and we currently process those manually."


Chris Pollock, Regional Scheduling Manager for Regina Area

Chris Pollock

Regional Scheduling Manager for Regina Area

13 non-integrated scheduling systems create complications

"We currently have 13 non-integrated scheduling systems in use in the province, which creates unnecessary complications."


Lorie Samida, Manager, Payroll and Benefits, Tisdale

Lorie Samida

Manager, Payroll and Benefits, Tisdale

Referencing many databases leads to delays and manual corrections

"Our work can be challenging, as we have to reference many databases and software. This leads to workarounds and inconsistent processes. In turn, this creates delays and manual corrections."


Kelly Tokarchuk, Site Leader, Wadena Hospital, Pleasant View Care Home

Kelly Tokarchuk

Site Leader, Wadena Hospital, Pleasant View Care Home

Processes are repetitive and time-consuming

"When we are trying to align position control numbers, there are several people to go through to ensure that the changes have been made in all systems. It’s both repetitive and time consuming."


Trent Mitchell, Technical Lead

Trent Mitchell

Technical Lead

Data is spread across the health system

"Data is stored in 15 separate systems within health care, creating an access issue. Each area has active and legacy information that is vital to creating a provincial picture."


Ian D. Munro, Senior Analyst, Transformational Services

Ian D. Munro

Senior Analyst, Transformational Services

Administrative data is scattered across the health system

"It’s kept manually or squirreled away in various systems in non-standard formats. As a result, getting a provincial picture is an extremely manual and time consuming process. "


Colleen Bryant, Patient Advisor, AIMS

Colleen Bryant

Patient Advisor, AIMS

I have seen the value of participating in events that lead to better services and ultimately better care for Saskatchewan patients. The AIMS project is another of these endeavours.

"Better services and better care for Saskatchewan patients"


Melissa Pylypchuk, Leadership Specialist

Melissa Pylypchuk

Leadership Specialist

We don't have access to an organized provincial talent pool

"Even anticipating leadership churn to identify future leadership requirements can be challenging without access to provincial data. "


Marla Komaransky, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Marla Komaransky

Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Scheduling is a challenge

"Currently, it’s difficult to track to the employee level, so scheduling becomes a challenge. Employee turnover adds an additional level of complexity."


Deanna Knight, Human Resources Business Associate

Deanna Knight

Human Resources Business Associate

Three monitors, multiple databases, cramped desktops

"We have three monitors on our desks to have simultaneous access to the multiple databases we reqire for position information."


Maria Classen, HR Business Partner

Maria Classen

HR Business Partner

The systems I work with are extremely slow

"I’m hoping that the new system will be faster and more efficient than the systems currently in place."


Tanesha Zeleny, HR Business Partner

Tanesha Zeleny

HR Business Partner

Difficulty accessing information

"Currently, we don’t have the ability to easily find the background on applicants from across the province, so the screening process can be quite complicated as there are numerous systems to reference."


Jolene Froese, HR Business Associate

Jolene Froese

HR Business Associate

1,000 positions a week

"We have separate databases, portal systems, scheduling software and other programs that we need to navigate every day just to access the information required to post or award positions. The Saskatchewan Health Authority posts approximately 1,000 positions a week, so it becomes quite complex."


Shannon Brockman, Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable

Shannon Brockman

Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable

Paper-based Processing

"Everything is printed. Invoices will be submitted by email, but we still print them before processing."

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