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Tanesha Zeleny
HR Business Partner

My Work Today

"Currently, we don’t have the ability to easily find the background on applicants from across the province, so the screening process can be quite complicated as there are numerous systems to reference."

After AIMS

"With a single system, we will be able to access information on any employee across the province, making it a truly integrated provincial process."

About Tanesha

Tanesha grew up in the town of Porcupine Plain, not far from Greenwater Lake Provincial Park. She moved to Alberta for schooling before moving back to Saskatoon and taking a position in Finance to cover a maternity leave. Her roles have grown and changed over the past almost 5 years, but she’s happiest where she is now. “Once I landed in Human Resources, I knew this is where I wanted to stay.”

Outside her work life, Tanesha enjoys CrossFit, an intense form of workout that has participants jumping, squatting, lifting, running – all the attributes Tanesha will need as a first time parent. “I dialed the CrossFit back over these first eight months of my pregnancy, but I’ll be back.”

Travel has taken Tanesha and her husband to various warm climates including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas, but it was Huatulco, Mexico that she chose for their beach wedding. “You can’t go wrong when you choose an area known for its nine bays and 36 white sandy beaches if you’re planning a beach wedding.”

We wish Tanesha all the best as she takes on another new role, motherhood.

Tanesha Zeleny, HR Business Partner

Tanesha Zeleny
HR Business Partner

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