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Shannon Brockman
Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable

My Work Today

"Everything is printed. Invoices will be submitted by email, but we still print them before processing. The cost of paper and toner alone is significant. Also, because we are using paper, there is no electronic tracking system to tell us where the invoices are in the payment process."

After AIMS

"AIMS will give us a paper-free process. When invoices come in by email, we will be able to electronically upload them into the system and then review the invoice on the screen. Then the invoice can then be directed to the appropriate area for payment. So, for example, if it’s a non-purchase order item, we can send it for approval electronically instead of relying on inter-office mail or having to scan and send it forward."

About Shannon

Shannon grew up on a farm in Lestock, and began her career at the Regina General Hospital in 1988. She spent her first two months in the Radiology Department before obtaining a position in accounts payable, and it’s been her calling ever since. She’s seen changes to the health system and new locations, and through it all she has developed invaluable insight into the needs of the system as well as the needs of the supplier.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her curling Tuesday nights at the Callie Club. Her team proudly holds a spot in the “8 Ender Club.” For those who are not curlers, that’s when a team has all eight of their rocks land in the target, and none are knocked out by the opposing team. “But, I don’t think we won more than a game for the rest of the year,” Shannon added.

Shannon and her husband Randy enjoy spending time with their children and spouses, Courtney and Nathan and Colton and Sydney, who couldn’t believe their parents rode their Harley Davidson from Washington to San Francisco to see a Blue Jays game. Now that’s fan support. Shannon says the best thing about biking is, “The smell. Rain, crops, orchards…anything really, other than roadkill.”

Shannon Brockman, Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable

Shannon Brockman
Senior Accountant, Accounts Payable

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