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Melissa Pylypchuk
Leadership Specialist

My Work Today

Leadership development and succession planning is more difficult when we don’t have access to an organized provincial talent pool. Even anticipating leadership churn to identify future leadership requirements can be challenging without access to provincial data.

After AIMS

One centrally organized source of information will be invaluable to our workforce planning and leadership development efforts.

About Melissa

Melissa grew up in Melville, Saskatchewan and came to Saskatoon to her pursue post-secondary education. She has worked in health for approximately 11 years, with the first five drawing her back to the north where she worked in workforce planning in the former P.A. Parkland.

“I love the outdoors, but when I met my husband Chris, I moved back to Saskatoon to be closer to his work.” That hasn’t stopped Melissa and Chris from spending most seasons outside. “Other than in winter, we spend a lot of our free time hiking, biking, fishing and hunting. We particularly enjoy the hiking paths around Saskatoon and once a year we like to travel to Fernie for biking in that area.”

The one thing they never leave home without is their travel companion Scout, a six- year-old black lab with a love of adventure. “His ideal is to run beside us on a bike path adjacent to a river. Then it becomes a aquathlon. He runs and swims and then he runs some more. It’s difficult to know who’s getting the better workout.”

Melissa Pylypchuk, Leadership Specialist

Melissa Pylypchuk
Leadership Specialist

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