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Marla Komaransky
Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

My Work Today

Currently, it’s difficult to track to the employee level, so scheduling becomes a challenge. Employee turnover adds an additional level of complexity.

After AIMS

When HR, payroll and scheduling are streamlined into an integrated system there will be a dashboard of information that is all in the same format, making it easier to see what’s scheduled and enhance workflow.

About Marla

Marla was a Medical Radiation Technologist for 25 years prior to moving into a management position within Diagnostic Imaging approximately 3 years ago. Although she works in Saskatoon, her home is a farm approximately 70 kilometers west by the community of Arelee. In 2006, Arelee’s census stated a population of 10. “I’m proud that my children are the fifth generation of our family which has farmed in the area since 1907.”

When Marla is away from work, she is running in every direction supporting her children’s activities. Marla has become an expert at coordinating, multitasking, and time management while getting her children to swimming, hockey, softball and Ukrainian Dance. This expertise has been an asset in maintaining both a full-time career and farming with her family!

Marla Komaransky, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Marla Komaransky
Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

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