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Lorie Samida
Manager, Payroll and Benefits, Tisdale

My Work Today

Our work can be challenging, as we have to reference many databases and software. This leads to workarounds and inconsistent processes. In turn, this creates delays and manual corrections.

After AIMS

AIMS will provide an integrated system that is more efficient and supports better management.

About Lorie

Lorie was born and raised in Crooked River and moved to the Tisdale area to begin what has been a 25-year career in the health system. “I live 15 minutes from where I grew up, and I married my high school sweetheart, so you might say I didn’t have to look far to find where I belonged.”

She began as a Continuing Care Aide working in both acute and long-term care, before moving into a management position in Scheduling. In 2015, she became the Manager of Payroll and Benefits. “I have found that my diverse experience has served me well in understanding operational complexity from both the employer and employee perspective.”
Lorie and her family enjoy travel and have been to various destinations in Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. “Although we have developed a travel bug for exotic destinations, we’re equally happy relaxing at the family cabin at Barrier Ford.”
Like many Moms, Lorie also spends a fair bit of time at the rink with her son Blake, while her daughter Sara attends university majoring in education. “There’s always something going on. I wouldn’t change a thing, but it’s busy.”
Thanks Lorie for all you do!


Lorie Samida, Manager, Payroll and Benefits, Tisdale

Lorie Samida
Manager, Payroll and Benefits, Tisdale

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