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Kara Stoski
Specialist, Organizational Culture

My Work Today

“Currently there is no organization-wide Learning Management System (LMS), so employees are not able to conveniently access information on courses and learning events. It also makes it difficult to verify and track necessary skills and certifications”

After AIMS

“Being able to provide easy access to information on learning opportunities will encourage employee career development and assist in meeting personal career goals. Verifying and tracking necessary skills and certifications will also ensure that caregivers are able to provide the highest quality care.”

About Kara

Kara grew up in the hamlet of Bankend and graduated from Wishart School. Coming from a small town didn’t stop Kara from putting some highway behind her as she moved from Wynyard to Edmonton to Calgary to Saskatoon and, finally, Regina. “I’m established in Regina now, as my husband and I have three fabulous (of course) daughters, and I’m involved in their school as the Chair of St. Jerome Catholic School Community Council.”

Her career in health care began in 2015 when she covered a maternity leave as a Benefit Technician in the Payroll and Benefits Department of the former Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. From there, Kara went on to be a Confidential Administrative Assistant in Organizational Culture and since May 2018 has been a Specialist in the same area.
When she’s not working, expanding her education or hanging out with her daughters, Kara spends time feeding outdoor strays including birds, rabbits, squirrels or “any creature that looks hungry,” she laughed. Although she has a soft spot for animals, Kara also enjoys edgier entertainment “I love true crime shows and I’m a member of the Regina Citizen’s Policy Academy.”
There is not a lot of time left in a day when you are as involved as Kara, so she savours the quiet moments when she can. “I’m a huge Serena Ryder fan, so one of my favourite musical memories is sitting on the lawn at the Bessborough watching Serena do her sound check at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival.”


Kara is now a member of the AIMS project team, and we are glad to have her!

Kara Stoski, Specialist, Organizational Culture

Kara Stoski
Specialist, Organizational Culture

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