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Jolene Froese
HR Business Associate

My Work Today

"Currently, we have separate databases, portal systems, scheduling software and other programs that we need to navigate every day just to access the information required to post or award positions. The Saskatchewan Health Authority posts approximately 1,000 positions a week, so it becomes quite complex."

After AIMS

"AIMS will give us a central one-stop service that will contain all the information required to post and award positions."

About Jolene

Jolene was born in Saskatoon, but moved to Lanigan with her family in grade 5. After graduation, she returned to Saskatoon to begin her career in healthcare, and spent 7 years as a Continuing Care Aide, 10 years in Staff Scheduling and she has been in her current position for the past year and a half. When Jolene’s not responding to the needs of healthcare employees, she’s spends her weekends in the company of her 6-year-old niece Lillian.

“In the summer, it’s usually taking in the rides at Nutrien Playland, and in the winter we’re bundling up and going sledding. In between, it’s ballet classes or shopping. We love to shop! Lillian would have a new toy every weekend if it were up to her.”

Lillian also enjoys the company of Jolene’s cat Sam, who is a whopping 14-pound ginger that has the distinction of being a polydactyl cat, or a cat with more than the usual number of toes on one or both of its paws.

“I was told that his having six toes on both of his paws meant he would bring me good luck,” Jolene relayed. “I haven’t personally noticed this, but Sam seems to be lucky given that he lives a pretty comfortable life.”

Jolene Froese, HR Business Associate

Jolene Froese
HR Business Associate

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