From Where I Stand

Deanna Knight
Human Resources Business Associate

My Work Today

“We have three monitors on our desks to have simultaneous access to the multiple databases we require for position information.”

After AIMS

“With all the information in a single system, we will be able to access specific positions and review their rotations 4, 6 or even 12 weeks out, and hopefully, we may even gain some desk space back.”

About Deanna

Deanna is from Saskatoon and has worked in health care for 14 years in 5 different positions. She puts her collective knowledge to work in Human Resources now. “I came from working 19 years in an academic setting into health care, so it was quite a change, but I enjoy it.”

Deanna’s favourite activities revolve around following her two daughters’ interests, even though they are adults now. Both are teachers, with Allison interested in running, while Robyn is a Jazz singer. Deanna has spent her fair share of time at “The Bassment”, home of the Saskatoon Jazz Society. “It still gives me the greatest pleasure to see my daughters’ achievements in their individual areas of interest.”

Deanna Knight, Human Resources Business Associate

Deanna Knight
Human Resources Business Associate

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