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AIMS and Managing Change

There are few words that can be as unsettling to some, as the word “change.” It’s the unknown that people most often find disturbing, raising the question of how change will affect the way they do their daily work.

AIMS and Managing Change |

AIMS and Managing Change

This is an important question, and the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) project is invested in ensuring that there are more answers than questions. It’s the work of the Operational Change Management (OCM) team to address foundational change and prepare the workforce for that change.

Colleen Stewart, Lead, OCM shared, “There are several methods by which we address change, with the first and most fundamental being communication. People need to know that they can rely on receiving consistent, transparent and timely information tied to the key project milestones.” Knowledge is the beginning, but preparation is the next crucial step. “Once individuals understand what is changing and what that means for them, they need to know that they will be supported as the change unfolds.”

No one is thrown into the deep end and made to swim. End-user training is critical to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to be able to leverage the benefits of the new technology. “Training must be role-specific in order to prepare people for any difference in their work processes,” Stewart explained. “The initial change is the focus to begin with, but planning for the long-term is also a critical success factor. Sustainability plans need to be identified, with mechanisms put in place for continuous improvement and further change if required.”

The AIMS project is committed to better administrative processes, and technology is merely a tool for people who make the real difference. OCM will be on the frontlines of preparing people for changes the new technology will bring. “Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so our job is to keep people top of mind for what they need to successfully transition to working with the technology,” Stewart assured. “We’ll be there.”


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