Electronic Time Entry

Eliminates the need to manually record work time and premiums.

Electronic time entry provides a fast and easy way for employees to document their time:

  • Easy tap-in process or access through a mobile app device
  • Eliminates the need for the employee to manually document time and is consistent with collective bargaining agreement provisions
Electronic Time Entry

Questions and Answers

Q: Will all employers be using electronic time entry?
A: All employers will be gathering time electronically either through your mobile phone, through your personal computer, a computer or kiosk at work or with an electronic time card.
Q: What options are there for logging my time electronically?
A: There are several ways to electronically record your time including:
- Using a mobile device such as your phone to log into the system
- Tapping in and tap out of an e-clock using a plastic card approximately the size of an ID card
- Logging in using a computer or kiosk within your facility
Q: When will electronic time entry be implemented?
A: Implementation will be in stages, and further information will be provided regarding the dates of implementation.

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