Corporate Profile


3sHealth delivers innovative change and provides province-wide shared services to support Saskatchewan’s health system. Working together with our health system partners, we find innovative solutions to complex problems so that health care will be sustainable for future generations. We place patients and their families at the centre of all that we do, working with our partners to improve quality and ensure patient safety. 3sHealth provides payroll and scheduling, employee benefits, dictation and transcription, linen, provincial contracting, and transformational services to the Saskatchewan health system.



To provide efficient, customer-focused, quality, province-wide common services to the Saskatchewan health sector. 


Province-wide services that better support a high-performing, sustainable patient- and family-centred health system. 



We bring the right people together to achieve common goals for the benefit of patients and families through active participation, two-way communication, and mutual respect. We believe that the best outcomes happen when we share insights and build on each other’s strengths. 


We are creative, strategic thinkers who are open to exploring all possibilities that will improve the quality of patient care and realize better value for the health system. We fearlessly take on new opportunities and work closely with our partners to implement and sustain positive transformational change.

Integrity and Trust 

We demonstrate honesty in all that we do and take responsibility for our actions. We follow through on the commitments we make, enable one another’s successes, and strive for professional excellence in the service of patients and families. 


We are a culture in which people feel empowered to discuss and address critical issues in a safe and supportive environment. We believe engagement and the sharing of information enables good decision-making and leads to better outcomes. 

Bold and Courageous Leadership 

We are brave and willing to try new things. We put patients and families first, inspire each other and show initiative, work with others to put innovative ideas into practice, and take thoughtful risks to advance the vision of shared services in the Saskatchewan health system.