Successful Change Agent Network Kick-Off

Successful Change Agent Network Kick-Off

This week saw the successful kick-off of a Change Agent Network to support the Administrative Information Management System.

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Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) Project

The Administrative Information Management System is coming in 2020. The new business administration system will replace 82 non-integrated systems with a single software solution.

The advantages to employees are significant, with all Saskatchewan health system employees benefitting from improved system flexibility and reduced administrative tasks.

Check back regularly to learn more about the implementation of the new system.

About AIMS

Kara Stoski, Specialist, Organizational Culture

From Where I Stand

Kara Stoski

Specialist, Organizational Culture

Employees are not easily able to find information on courses and learning opportunities

““Currently there is no organization-wide Learning Management System (LMS), so employees are not able to conveniently access information on courses and learning events. It also makes it difficult to verify and track necessary skills and certifications””


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You Asked Us

Q: How will the AIMS Project affect or benefit various members of the health care team?

AIMS will benefit all involved in healthcare within the province. Employees will benefit from a range of more convenient self-service tools, employers will be able to make better informed decisions, and patients will benefit from the information healthcare professionals will be able to access.